Will Richter


I am a UX/UI designer

I believe user research, synthesis, and empathy are the path to create intuitive, and unobtrusive designs.

I am a storyteller

For over 5 years working as a web designer and photographer I told the stories of brands and artists. With UX design I’ve added the story of the user to my design process. Through prototyping and usability testing I analyze user pain points and goals. I use those goals as the foundation to build the blueprint for websites and applications.

I curate experiences

From mixtapes in high school to mood boards for brands, I have always created personal and enjoyable experiences for my fellows. With UX design I aim to curate an experience for the user that is personal, attentive and familiar.

I find solutions

The answers are there, you just need to know how to look for them. Using UX methodology I am able to draw the focus away from the frivolous details in a project and narrow down to the core problems at hand. Then I use that information to design targeted solutions aimed at fulfilling business and user needs.